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Our Journey

It took some time to decide on sharing some of our personal story regarding our journey with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

So for those who are interested, we hope it will give some comfort to know others who have dealt with the challenge on a long term basis and the emotional roller coaster ride it often brings, not only to the sufferer but all of those in the family.

In our case it is my husband who has suffered for many years in battling CFS. As is the case with many, since 1986, we went through a battery of doctors trying to figure why my husband could not stay well. It was not until 1992, that we were first given a diagnosis of CFS from a cancer clinic in Mexico. Their thorough testing revealed high readings on his Epstein-Barr Viral test. Although it was thought to be a main causative of CFS, it is realized now to just be an additional complication for some sufferers.

Having the head of the house ill brings certain pressures unique to that circumstance and it was with anguish and tears I trudged ahead without my husband to meetings and assemblies and even for simple evenings of recreation with dear friends. So we can truly empathize with those who daily face battles with fatigue, discouragement and at times depression.

While we continue to press ever forward, I'm especially grateful for the Kingdom hope and the loving hearts and encouraging words of dear ones which provide us comfort.

James 1:3,4 reminds us that the “tested quality of our faith works out endurance.” We can go through trials or GROW through trials. We can be bitter or better.

For those who would wish to communicate further regarding CFS, please feel free to contact me. In the meantime I hope that some of the links below may offer some additional insight and help.

While we have personally found benefit with acupressure and reflexology work, we do not agree with all the info presented,(so please be discerning) but I wish to share the links as there is much self-help from these approaches.

2006 UPDATE : The past year has been full of testing. Bruce has been found to have tick-related bacteria associated with Lyme disease and is trying the antibiotic therapy to treat it. While we had an Elisa test to rule out Lyme early on, we found that we needed to request more specific testing like the Western Blot. We have also found some benefits with a colon cleanse program called Colonix. More info can be found at their website at:

Sincerely, Laura Crumpacker
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Laura Crumpacker

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