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This page created 2/11/98.
December 2005.

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W E L C O M E !

This page is about our 6-year old cockatoo, Schnooky. Be warned, he's a mama's boy! For that matter we aren't even sure if he is a he! But there's a lot of personality here!

Bruce & Laura Crumpacker
Schnooky is generally very lovable. He can say "Hello", "What's your problem?", "Come on", "Wellll", "Hi Schnooky" and "Bye Bye" and lately "Peek-a-boo!!" He also makes
up words like "Peek-a-bye!"
Nearly every day we get him out and snuggle in bed with him. Sometimes he's even fallen asleep. He also expects to play peek-a-boo and we often sing together. We'll be cutting an album any day, no doubt! He loves music and he likes to laugh (and unfortunately scream, especially at sunset). He loves peanut butter, but dislikes bananas. He'd drink coffee if we let him, and he adores apple juice. One of his favorite toys is a fly swatter. He will chase it and tear it to shreds and dangle from it when I play with him through the cage bars. And friends keep us stocked with paper towel rolls, another fun thing to destroy (which beats the furniture and the cupboards!)
Spring of 2000- Many changes have occurred in our lives this past year. One of the most difficult involved placing our beloved pet with a breeder. It was a painful decision but we felt it was in his best interests. We have found out that he is a HE and currently has a girlfriend (We're so pleased!) We hope that will curtail some of his behaviors that became a problem during breeding season. Our pets so often fill a void in our lives and I can't imagine we will ever have one that will be like Schnooky. So I shall continue to maintain this page in memory of our time with him. Thanks for visiting us!