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works like signmakers think!

Below Are Some Various Types of Signs That were done with Letter Art 8.0 Grand.The photos and drawings are all full color and some may take a moment to load, but to see what Letter Art can do, with design and output, it is somthing you have to see.

The image below was Designed in Letter Art then exported to Corel Draw where color was then added, it provided the customer with an actual view of the finished product, was an exellent closer tool, the sign artist got the job, which included 9 trucks & vans, A store front sign and 12 two sided yard signs, and a very happy customer. A photo of one of the trucks appears just below the inkjet print out.

This showcard was designed in Letter Art and also imported to Corel Draw where color was added, when the customer gave the go on the job, the sign artist already had the layout in Letter Art ready to plot, made 6 of the same showcard, used ulta metalic vinyls, and framed it in a gold colored metal frame.

The background of this sign was painted on with a tecnique called roller blending, using the distortions in Letter Art, a wave was created with the main text, and cut in vinyl, all letters are vinyl.

Another showcard made with ultra metalic vinyls.

This banner was done in vinyl graphics, the flames were multi-colored by holding a stencil over the vinyl prior to weeding, and spraying red and orange Krylon over the yellow vinyl layering the colors.The flames were designed in Letter Arts Graphic editor then cut in vinyl, we also cut an extra piece of vinyl to use as a stencil.

This one the customer presented the design, we thought it was an effective use of colors.We used Letter Arts scanning utility to scan in the logo then we cut it with no cleanup, just scanned and cut.

We also used Krylon to create the yellow to white fade on Fajita fridays, we used the wave distortion mode of Letter Art 8.0 to create the wave, and used the outline feature of LetterArt to do the black outline, this outline really made Fajita Fridays come alive. Jd's logo was scanned and cut in Letter Art, also with NO clean up.

Here we used the yellow Krylon and prior to weeding we sprayed the top half of the red vinyl to create the color fade. We also made use of the outline mode of our software to create the white outline and the black shadow.The $8.95 was cut in black vinyl panels and then the letters pulled out and the panels were then applied to the banner.